Summer 2015
Summer 2015
Cover photograph by Edvard Lieber.

VOL. 13. NO. 2


Pockets of Resistance
by Catherine Foulkrod
The formation and continuing aftereffects of China’s post-Mao fashion craze.

Descending Night
by Elisabeth Donnelly
The cruel fate of Audrey Munson, who learned that physical beauty can be as valuable as government bonds and as dangerous as a curse.

by Mary Mann
The life and work of the artist Ray Johnson, examined in part through an analysis of his 1969 collage Feeting Poster.

El Vocho: A Familiar Subject
by Álvaro Enrigue
An elegy for the twilight years of Mexico’s late party dictatorship upon the occasion of the rise of a third nation of narcoterrorism.

How to Send Things to Germany
by Nell Zink
A continuing series of essential advice.

The Divine Inspiration of Jim Jones
by Adam Morris
While he worked to expand the Peoples Temple, Jim Jones took a pilgrimage to Pennsylvania to meet God in heaven.

The Confidence Man
by Gary Greenberg
In which the possibility that psychiatry is a diddle is discussed, with particular attention paid to the placebo effect and the talking cure.

What’s in a Necronym?
by Jeannie Vanasco
“I am named after the daughter my father lost.”

A Common Language
by Kristina Shevory
Ron Capps served in Rwanda, Darfur, Kosovo, Eastern Congo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. When he got back, writing was the only thing that could truly bring him home again.


Orangutan: 97% Human
by Tim Sheedy

We All See the Polar Bear Dying
by Donna Kozloskie

And Nature Looks Back
by Megan Pugh

Consider the Cabbage
by Monica Westin

Everything Comes from Somewhere
by Bijan Stephen

Swans at a Pond by JFK Airport: A new poem
by Stephen Burt

The Eleventh Annual Believer Book Award

The Fifth Annual Believer Poetry Award


Robert Coover
interviewed by Aaron Shulman
“Some ways of naming a generation are fruitful and some are not. Postmodernism is not. It doesn’t really say anything.”

Paul Holdengräber
interviewed by Lane Koivu

Elizabeth LECompte
interviewed by Hillar Liitoja
“I’m not a person who loves to see everything fall apart all the time, but I realize that sometimes that has to happen to make something more.”

Amber Tamblyn
interviewed by Rachel Matlow
“If you’re doing something that terrifies you, most likely you’re doing the right thing.”

The Process
Jimmy Robert interviewed by Jude Stewart
In which an artist discusses making a particular work.

Conversation from the Shadow Lands
Charles Yu interviewed by Lev Grossman


What the Swedes Read
by Daniel Handler


Canary: A new poem
by Rae Armantrout

First Date: A new poem
by Bob Hicok

Abstract Expressionism: A new poem
by Andrew Nurkin

Shooting Possums from the Back Porch of Roger’s Bar: A new poem
by Michael McGriff

Schema: Top 100 US Drug Brand Names and Their Apparent Meaning
by Shoshana Akabas