Lisa Wells

All Across the Desert Our Bread Is Blooming!

Finisia Medrano and the Nomads of the Great Basin

DISCUSSED: Geronimo’s List, The Puckering of Anuses, A Solid Woman, A Good Thing in a Dastardly World, Radical Faeries, An Inflection of Biblical Allegory, Washakie’s Famous Explosion, The Living Bread, Rock Rose, Rivers Thick with Wild Salmon, Occupied Land, Cutening Up for the End of the World, The Knight of Swords

It takes six hours to drive from Portland to Sparta, the tiny hamlet near the Oregon-Idaho border where Finisia Medrano has camped this winter. My friend Peter, who’s visited Medrano several times before, is driving, and we’re giving a lift to a skinny kid named Jesse. In a few days, Medrano’s camp will pack up its gear and ride off into the wilds toward Hells Canyon, and Jesse plans to go with them. This “walkabout” will last forty-two days.

“Like Jesus,” I say.

“Jesus wandered the desert for forty days,” he replies. “Finisia says it takes forty-two to make Geronimo’s list.”

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Lisa Wells is a poet and essayist from Portland, Oregon. She’s the author of The West Behind Us and Yeah. No. Totally. For more information on a current project of Finisia and the rewilders, visit their campaign page.

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