American Radass (this is important)

by Dads

Central Question: Why so serious?
Title of previous Dads album: Brush Your Teeth, Again ;); Representative lyrics from previous Dads album: “What’s the right age to love? / ’Cause I’ve always either been too old or too young”; Representative song title from previous Dads album: “I Don’t Wanna Fuck with Another Dude’s Snacks”; Band whose combined musical and nomenclatorial sensibilities are most apparent on American Radass: Minus the Bear; Representative Minus the Bear song title: “Lemurs, Man, Lemurs”; Representative because unintentionally trenchant lines from American Radass: “No one’s laughing here. / Open your mind and open your ears.”

The New Jersey duo Dads self-identify as an emo band, a designation borne out first and foremost in their style of play, a curdled and recumbent guitar noodling punctuated by moments of blustery abandon, rendered in a manner halfway between technical virtuosity and bare-minimum proficiency. From there the pigeonhole gets a little less snug: their lyrics are earnest but seldom melodramatic; at a glance, at least, they evince no particular heartbreak or longing, just an unexpectedly pragmatic kind of emotional wisdom. “When you’re this young and so excited,” one song yawps, “you won’t remember to set any goals.” Another wonders, “[If] we can pick out our faults enough to blame our parents, / why can’t we blame ourselves?”

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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—Daniel Levin Becker

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