The Process

In Which An Artist Discusses Making A Particular Work

Trenton Doyle Hancock, Kept On Keeping On

Trenton Doyle Hancock is a multifaceted artist whose practice embraces drawing, painting, and collage as well as set design, comic books, and a huge collection of toys. The painting in question brings to the fore a fascination with text and a passionate approach to his long-standing exploration of both personal and universal narratives.

—Scott Zieher

THE BELIEVER: Are we looking at an abstraction through a chain-link fence? Is it a self-portrait? Are we looking at a self-portrait through a chain-link fence?

TRENTON DOYLE HANCOCK: In the case of this painting, “fence” and “portrait” may be literalizing the reading too much, although it’s hard to escape that reading when seeing the work digitally. When viewed in person, it’s hard to un-see the layers of material that hold the image together. What seems to be a fence becomes raw material, and what appears as pink veins is revealed to be the underpainting or the support. It is a painting about timing. I built it as a visual game to figure out what comes first and what comes third. As a self-portrait, it has nothing to do with local likeness and everything to do with revealing a calculative and manipulative psychology.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Scott Zieher is a poet, artist, and co-owner (with his wife, Andrea Zieher) of the contemporary art gallery ZieherSmith, celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2013.

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