Musin’s and Thinkin’s

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with Jack Pendarvis

I was sittin’ and tootin’ on my old ceramic jug one day not too very long ago and contemplatin’ and a-fixatin’ on how jug-tootin’ is hardly ever taught in our schools anymore. What a shame.

But like my old grandpap used to say, “Moanin’ and complainin’ does about as much good as a three-legged skunk with a busted stink-hole in a textile mill tryin’ to get romantic with a half-frayed spool of defective rayon-based yarn scheduled for immediate shippin’ to a once-prosperin’ perfumery that’s already been shut down due to a labor dispute and everybody says it’s haunted and you can hear the ol’ duchess carryin’ her head around in a basket on certain moonless nights, and the yarn was originally intended for costumin’ their elaborate annual talent show that ain’t even goin’ to happen, in fact some disgruntled ex-employees are thinkin’ of burnin’ down the whole shebang that night in protest over their poor treatment at the hands of management. I mean, why are they spendin’ all this money on a supposedly morale-boostin’ talent show when they dock Bill Tutweiler’s pay just ’cause he messed up his expense report? He went up there to the capitol with the VP of marketing because that dude don’t know a blessed thing about extractin’ botanical oils. Old Bill was doin’ him a favor, and this is the thanks he gets. He’d a-rather been workin’ the line any day. And his youngest, Molly, has that problem with her foot.”

Takin’ that sage advice to heart, I sought out our superintendent of schools, Mort Mortimer, in the big metal drum where he lives, under some mattresses at the junkyard. These bureaucratic fat cats sure do know how to get under a fella’s skin! First thing he started in to askin’ me to do was to stop a-droppin’ my gs and a-puttin’ the suffix a- in front of stuff. In the interest of compromise, I agreed.

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Jack Pendarvis has written three books.

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