June 2012

Simon Rich



Simon Rich


“I just want to say I’m sorry about how this interview turned out.”
Two proper objects of the description “short and declarative”:
The sentences of Tao Lin
The on-court ass-whomping of Nathaniel Rich by Simon Rich

SR: Did the editors tell you what they wanted us to talk about?

SR: Yes, they said they wanted my opinion on “fiction’s relevance in contemporary society.” Pretty cool subject!

SR: Yeah, and we’ll get to it. First, though, there’s a rumor that needs to be addressed. Is it true that you recently beat your older brother at basketball for the first time ever?

SR: [Laughs] That just happened, in fact. Like an hour ago.

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Simon Rich is the author of the novels Elliot Allagash (Random House, 2010) and What in God’s Name (forthcoming from Little, Brown in August). He lives in San Francisco and writes for Pixar.

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