January 2012
The Editors
Ed Park - Illustration by Tony Millionaire

What will we do without Ed Park? We’ve been obsessively asking ourselves this question since Ed informed us of his departure—he’s training to be a croupier in Monaco, or so we’ve been told—and a satisfying answer has yet to emerge. Ed’s been with the Believer since he helped found it, in the late months of 2002, and in the past nine years he has powered the magazine with perversely Parkian jolts of jolly skepticism. Imagine an omnivorous cultural cheerleader possessed of a gimlet eye, an omnivorous cultural cheerleader with a tendency to send emails that say, “maybe I’m just old?” and “wow!” and “love this idea!”

Ed singlehandedly revived the exclamation-point industry, an industry whose smelters had shuttered and whose lobbyists found themselves homeless in the ice age of irony. No longer. Ed is a person whose person is enthusiastically available in the personless realms, which is where we like to conduct our office business. He brought pep and good humor and was, despite his amiability and vim, deceptively hard to please. We commemorate his contribution to the magazine by continuing the Parkian editorial tradition of hard-assed enthusiasm.

We honor him with a punctuation salute. Ed, you will be missed, missed, missed!!!

Illustration by Tony Millionaire

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