November/December 2011
November/December 2011
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 9, NO. 9

The Michelangelo of New Mexico
by Stephanie Elizondo Griest
Frederico Vigil, frescoist of latino history, needs a new wall.

The Last Man For The Job
by Fritz Swanson
Former American Type Founders company employee Theo Rehak is struggling to preserve a factory’s worth of machines and skills—in his backyard.

Pipe Dreaming
by Chinnie Ding
What can screen savers tell us about our wishes, our anxieties, and our obsessions?

Cows & Daffodils
a new poem by Jonathan Greenhause

Tennessee Williams on Art and Sex
a new poem by Ansel Elkins

What the Swedes Read
by Daniel Handler

Real Life Rock Top Ten
by Greil Marcus

Musin’s and Thinkin’s
by Jack Pendarvis

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

Shuvinai Ashoona
interviewed by David Balzer
As Inuit artist co-operatives blossom in the Far North of Canada, artists once branded “traditional” learn to embrace the new economy.

David Altmejd
interviewed by Derek McCormack
On how to allude to existential ideas when dressing a werewolf in department-store underwear.

James Franco
in conversation with Carter

The artists are joined, via Ouija board in the haunted Bowery Hotel, by the spirits of John Ritter and one “Wehsu.”

Maira Kalman
interviewed by Nell Boeschenstein
“Everybody is navel-gazing. It’s just a question of whether you do a good job at it or whether you’re bad at it.”

Terence Koh
micro-interviewed by Ross Simonini

Schema: An Ed Ruscha Food Pyramid
by Rebecca Giordano

edited by Alvin Buenaventura

Artist-Edition Paper Airplanes
by various contemporary artists
Michele Abeles, Toilet Paper, Sam Falls, Ryan Gander, Letha Wilson, Lucas Blalock, Keller/Kosmas, Carlos Charlie Perez, Forster Rudolph and Mariah Robertson, Aleksandra Domanovic, John Houck, Oliver Laric, David Altmejd, Elizabeth McAlpine, Trevor Paglen.

curated by Chris Wiley