October 2011
A review of

Machine of Death

Edited by Ryan North,
Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !

Central Question: What happens when our ability to use language breaks down?
Genesis of the narrative machine: a 2005 episode of “Dinosaur Comics”; Partial list of deaths foretold by the machine: cancer, cholesterol, vegetables, tainted beef, jealous ex-wife, love, piano, tests, millennium space entropy, nothing; Least likely death: old age; Sample descriptions of the machine’s various iterations: “a big hunk of metal with a hole and a slit,” “no larger than a microwave oven,” “a little gunmetal-gray piggy”; Common location of the machine: malls; Total number of writers and illustrators: seventy; Type of Creative Commons copyright license for most individual stories: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike; Representative passage: “You’d think it would warn people, let them know what was coming, or at the very least aid in diagnosis and emergency room triage, but somehow it rarely did.”

Given a sample of blood, a machine prints out the cause of a person’s death on a small piece of paper. But the results are brief and deceptive: OLD AGE can mean getting killed by an elderly person. The story “Almond” is narrated by a lab technician in Cleveland who begins to record a maintenance log for a machine of death (as the device is called), but who is soon so overwhelmed by the monotony of the job that he spends the year contemplating, say, how a word so seemingly innocuous as ALMOND could be fatal. When a man receives JOY as a readout from the machine, the technician envisions a death from intense ecstasy, only to discover later that the man has died when struck by a car driven by a woman named Joy. Horrified, he wonders why the machine would choose this detail over something more appropriate, like CRASH.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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—Andrés Carrasquillo

Andrés Carrasquillo lives, works, and volunteers in the Chicagoland area.

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