October 2011

The Process

In Which an Artist Discusses Making a Particular Work

Christian Holstad, Money

Christian Holstad’s practice is broad and includes ornate collages, artfully erased newspaper photographs, enigmatic installation works, and cloth assemblages. With materials that are usually modest and simple, he expresses a strikingly alien experience of civilization. He often evokes political subversion, but never attempts to carry the burden of a clear-cut message or heavy-handed position. We discussed his new sculpture Money over several email exchanges in the spring of this year. Holstad was born in 1972 and lives in New York.

—Ross Simonini


THE BELIEVER: How do you come by your materials?

CHRISTIAN HOLSTAD: I spend a lot of time looking and trying to figure out what they convey. For this piece, I chose the fabrics because they reminded me of different qualities of water. The way a wet seal looks. The way light passes through different depths. Wet jeans. Some of the seductive qualities of water. I’m using different dyeing and felting processes to push this further.

Ross Simonini edits the Believer.

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