October 2011

Musin’s and Thinkin’s

A Monthly Stroll Down Folksy Byways

with Jack Pendarvis

Did I ever tell you about the time I traded places with my sophisticated city cousin? We’ll call him Snobbingham Cummerbund IV, because that was his actual name. Ol’ Snobby and I got to arguing about who had it better—him with his wonderful penthouse and social whirl, or me, hanging out with the possums and going to the bathroom in a ceramic jar. There was only one way to find out: spend a week in each other’s shoes!

Of course, I was unfamiliar with the idea of “shoes.” I wish you could have seen me on my first day in the big city, tromping around in my overalls with my enormous bare feet slapping the pavement, my long, black beard filled with friendly creatures as excited as I was to see the fabled sights, such as parking meters and buildings.

I wandered into a place where they were putting on one of these here operas you hear tell about—Alban Berg’s controversial, unfinished masterwork, Lulu.

I have to tell you, the menfolk sure were treating that Lulu mean. I know she wasn’t exactly behaving in a ladylike manner, but that is no excuse for taking ungentlemanly liberties. Why, back in Hog Blossom, you’d be run out of town on a rail for such. So I went outside and found something that looked like a rail and came back in and started chasing people around with it.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Jack Pendarvis has written three books.

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