May 2011
The cover depicts, clockwise from the upper left,
Kathleen Hanna, Daniel Handler, Victor LaValle,
and an intrepid spaceman.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 9, NO. 4

The Believer Book Award and The Believer Poetry Award
by The Editors

and The Reader Survey

Memento Mori
by Dimiter Kenarov
In Bulgaria, street obituaries called "necrologues" collapse the boundary between the city and the cemetery, tradition and modernity.

The Immortal Horizon
by Leslie Jamison
With an elevation gain twice that of Everest and a host of outsize wildlife, the Barkley Marathons may be the world's most difficult race.

The Person Attached to the Limb
by Asti Hustvedt
What did Jean-Martin Charcot, the nineteenth century's "Napoleon of Neurosis," really capture in his iconic portraits of hysterics?

Red Eden
by Nathaniel Rich
Our ideas about Mars-from libertarian frontier to socialist utopia-reveal much more about us than they do about our neighboring planet.

Terms of Art: New Language from Contemporary Architecture
by Scott Geiger

Unisex Omnisexual Purity Test
reviewed by Stephen Burt

Lars Iyer’s Spurious
reviewed by Casey Walker

Fabolous’s “I’m Raw”
reviewed by Daniel Levin Becker

Charles Bukowski’s
“Cacoethes Scribendi”

reviewed by Andrew Madigan

The U.S. Census Bureau’s
U.S. Census of 2010

reviewed by Jeremy Schmidt

Eyal Weizman
microinterviewed by Alex Carp

Victor LaValle
interviewed by Kaitlyn Greenidge

Jenny Davidson
in conversation with
Cintra Wilson

Darren O'Donnell
interviewed by Sheil Heti

What the Swedes Read
a new monthly column
by Daniel Handler

Musin’s and Thinkin’s
by Jack Pendarvis

with guest columnist
Anthony Jeselnik

Real Life Rock Top Ten
by Greil Marcus

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

Autobiography (Pink Remix)
a new poem by Joanna Fuhrman

a new poem by Henri Cole

Schema: Accidental Themes in Pangrams
by Jude Stewart

edited by Alvin Buenaventura

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