November/December 2010
November/December 2010
Cover illustration: Charles Burns!
VOL. 8, NO. 9

Creatures of Other Mould
by Avi Davis
On The Dubious Clay Menagerie of Waldemar Julsrud

Safe As Houses
by Karolina Waclawiak
An Ode to Britain’s History in 1:12 Scale

Declaration on the Notion of “The Future”
by The International Necronautical Society
Admonitions and Exhortations for Cultural Agents of the Early-To-Mid-Twenty-First Century

John Baldessari
interviewed by Eleanor Morgan

Clare Rojas
interviewed by Natasha Boas
A conversation at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco

Michael Light
in conversation with Lawrence Weschler
“I realized that if I wanted to truly talk about vastness and the sublime and scale and the West—recur- rent themes in my overall work—I needed to engage with the vast ocean that is Los Angeles.”

Vile Bodies
by Ed Lin
Why Are the Corpses of Executed Chinese Prisoners Such a Hit?

The Ghost Who Refused to Die
by C. S. Leigh
Remembering and Forgetting Jack Goldstein

Fictions of the Pose
by Lawrence Weschler
A Letter from Harry Berger Jr. on Alice Neel’s Portraits

Real Life Rock Top Ten
by Greil Marcus

Musin’s and Thinkin’s
by Jack Pendarvis

The Center of the Construction
by David Humphrey
How to Enter a Carroll Dunham Drawing

Altoon’s Bloom
by Alex Kitnick
Visions of the “New Womanly Man” in a Hidden Corner of 1960s Los Angeles Art

Schema: Book-Cover Image-Recycling
by James Morrison

Andrew Wyeth, Painter, Dies At 91
a new poem by L. S. Klatt

with guest columnist Mike Doughty

edited by Alvin Buenaventura

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

Ragnar Kjartansson
micro-interviewed by Scott Indrisek

Keegan McHargue
interviewed by Ross Simonini

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