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with Jack Pendarvis
Illustration by Jason Polan

Just because it is raining outside, that is no reason not to enjoy yourself. And no, I am not talking about your fancy video appliances and doodads. What if lightning strikes and disables them? All the surge protectors in the world cannot always protect you from the fearsome power of “Father Electricity.” I suppose you will tell me your highfalutin gizmos run on “battery power.” To that I say, “What if the battery goes dead?” It cannot hurt to be prepared. Sometimes everything does not go your way. That doesn’t mean you have to sulk around and feel blue. In fact, many leading hobbyists contend it can be a delicious excuse for discovering new kinds of fun.

Personally, I don’t need the impetus of a raging storm to get out my rocks and admire them. Did you think I was talking about my testicles? Maybe your hobby is having dirty thoughts. If you think I am going to put you down for it, you may be surprised to learn that you are wrong. At least you are using your imagination, a wonderful stimulant a million times more powerful than any radio melodrama. Now that I have shown tolerance for your way of having fun, I trust you will extend the same courtesy to my rocks.

Sometimes I am asked, “You have been collecting rocks for over twenty years. How many do you have?” And my answer is always the same: “Four.”

Another common question from the novice rock collector is, “What is a rock?”

A rock is defined as a hard piece of dirt that has come loose from a mountain. Rocks come in all sizes and colors. If something is too round, though, it is probably not a rock.

Did you know that gold is a kind of rock? I guess rocks aren’t so boring all of a sudden.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Illustration by Jason Polan

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