with Jack Pendarvis

I have been accused of a lot of things, but disliking the seasons has never been one of them.

The seasons! Even the phrase brings feelings of warmth and bounty to the human heart. The seasons! The syllables chime out like a great and mighty bell whose clapper is the universe itself. The seasons! Like most things, it sounds better if you repeat it three times. What can we say about the seasons that hasn’t already been said?

But seriously, the seasons. Let’s bring the tempo down a little bit. Let’s lower the lights. Let’s get serious for a second. Come over here, yes, right next to me. I won’t bite. I really want to talk to you about the seasons. Can you hear me? I’m whispering because I’m so serious. That’s how serious I am about the seasons. Let me put my arm around you and gaze right into your eyes while I tell you about the seasons. One great thing about the seasons is how many ways you can talk about them. Like, already just now I’ve talked about the seasons in two different ways: lighthearted and somewhat more meditative and, some might say, sexy. But let’s not lose sight of the seasons themselves. That would be the real tragedy. Far too often, people forget about the seasons. They do so much for us. In a way, what would life be without the seasons?

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Jack Pendarvis has written four books.

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