edited by Alvin Buenaventura

“Comics” is a two-page spread of assorted comics published exclusively in the print edition of the Believer. Below is a rundown of this issue’s comics and contributors.


Charles Burns

Random Access by Charles Burns
Charles Burns draws comics every now and then and is the cover illustrator for the Believer.

Al Columbia

The Happy Prick by Al Columbia
Al Columbia lives and works in Old Devonshire, Connecticut. www.alcolumbia.com


Space Cadets by C.F.
C.F. is the author of Powr Mastrs. P.O.Box 913, Providence, RI, 02901; vvvvvyvvvvv@gmail.com

Matt Furie

Boy’s Club by Matt Furie
Matt Furie likes to draw creepy weird stuff. Three issues of Boy’s Club, his comic of the same name, are now available. www.mattfurie.com

Tom Gauld

Four Obstacles to Writing by Tom Gauld
Tom Gauld is an illustrator and cartoonist. He lives in London. His latest book is The Gigantic Robot. www.cabanonpress.com

Lisa Hanawalt

I Have No Idea by Lisa Hanawalt
Lisa Hanawalt lives in Brooklyn. Find a copy of the first issue of her new comic book series I Want You. www.lisahanawalt.com

Eric Haven

Race Murdock by Eric Haven
Eric Haven is the creator of The Aviatrix and Tales To Demolish. http://tinyurl.com/mxh72d

Tim Hensley

“Comics” masthead by Tim Hensley
Tim Hensley is the mastermind behind Wally Gropius and is currently seeking office work. www.xrl.us/biszn

Anders Nilsen

Sketchbook by Anders Nilsen
Anders Nilsen is the artist and author of Dogs and Water, Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow, and Monologues for Calculating the Density of Black Holes. He lives in Chicago. www.themonologuist.blogspot.com

Johnny Ryan

New Character Parade! by Johnny Ryan
Johnny Ryan lives in Los Angeles with a wife, two cats, and a dog. His first graphic novel, Prison Pit, is due this fall. www.johnnyr.com

Matthew Thurber

D.J. Tuxedo Laughing Gas by Matthew Thurber
Matthew Thurber is an artist and musician living in Brooklyn. www.ambergriscomics.com

Aiyana Udesen

You Otter Know… by Aiyana Udesen
Aiyana Udesen gives people facts about animals and tips on drawing them. www.aiyanaville.com

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Alvin Buenaventura is the publisher of Buenaventura Press.

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