with Jack Pendarvis

Cursed with youth and handsomeness, blessed with the soul of a charming eccentric, I wake each morning and polish the cold pewter knob of my walking stick with what some would call excessive care before choosing my wig of the day.

Next thing you know, I’m out on the square in my seersucker suit, arousing the wonderment of all present, strolling blithely about with my skunk, Horatio P. Fuddlesworth, on a sapphire-studded leash. The lively sapphire is Horatio’s birthstone, as my faithful readers will know! Have I mentioned that I am not wearing pants?

I nod and tip my hat to ladies and gentlemen alike, which is odd, because I do not own a hat. Admirers are thus encouraged to keep a polite distance. In this matter, Horatio proves to be a great help as well. While many skunk owners have the so-called “stink glands” of their pets removed, I have taken the unorthodox step of fitting HPF with several extra “stink glands.” The last administration was not as open to certain kinds of biological experimentation, so I was obliged to send Horatio to the former Czech Republic with his nanny, where the operation could be undertaken in a completely aboveboard manner.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Jack Pendarvis has written three books.

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