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Dear Sedaratives,

I was talking on the phone with my brother not long ago, and while we were saying our good-bye I told him I loved him. He seemed hesitant to return the words. I haven’t said it again since, but it’s been on my mind. What’s wrong with telling your brother you love him? Could it be some deep-seated homophobia?

Feeling Unloved in Alaska

Dear Feeling Unloved in Alaska?

I am confused. Are these questions for real or is this column a joke? If this is real, I would say that it is often hard for siblings to connect after so many difficult years of rivalry and competition for the love of their parents. If this is a fake letter then I am not sure what to say. Am I supposed to make a joke?



Dear Sedaratives,

My neighbor’s dog has been leaving “surprises” on my front lawn. I’ve complained about it repeatedly, but he refuses to curb his dog or, at the very least, keep the mutt on a leash. Legally, does this give me the right to take a dump on his property?

Ready to Poop
Clearwater, Fla.

Dear Ready to Poop?

This one feels like a fake letter. The question is not very funny or unique. I thought the Believer was written by smart, literate people. Or maybe they are so smart that they don’t know how to write dirty questions and jokes. I wonder if these questions are lame as some sort of ironic comment on how the magazine feels about me.


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Judd Apatow wrote and directed the films Knocked Up and the upcoming Funny People and was the cowriter and director of The 40 Year Old Virgin. He was also the executive producer of the television series Freaks and Geeks.

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