Cover illustration: Charles Burns!
VOL. 7, NO. 3

Contemplating the New Physicality of Cinema
by C.S. Leigh
As moviegoers leave dank, smoke-filled basement theaters behind, how will contemporary cinema change?

Notes from Aboveground
by Aaron Cutler
The films of Jonas Mekas are masterpieces of nothing.

Cathedral Head
by Victoria Nelson
A closer look at the deeply Gothic worldview that informs the work of Guillermo del Toro.

A Devil-Obsessed Conglomeration of Christian Misfits
by William Giraldi
How The Exorcist, by most accounts the scariest movie ever made, has become completely unscary.

Curse of the Spurned Hippie
by Steven G. Kellman
Among the small body of American movies filmed in foreign languages is a horror film starring William Shatner—shot entirely in Esperanto.

Sam Mendes
in conversation with Heidi Julavits
The director of Revolutionary Road describes the process of adapting—and preserving—Richard Yates’s prose for the screen.

John Sayles
interviewed by Antonino D’Ambrosio
The “godfather of bootstrap cinema” on vanishing finances, Bruce Lee, and how he might have invented E.T.

Julie Delpy
interviewed by Natasha Boas
The actress (Godard’s Détective), screenwriter (Linklater’s Before Sunrise), and director (2 Days in Paris) adores sci-fi and Larry David.

Mike Leigh
interviewed by Chloe Veltman
“The reason my films work is because every actor on set is very secure. They’re able to fly.”

Arthur Bradford
micro-interviewed by Dave Eggers

edited by Jacob Perlin
Included with the print edition of this issue: A visual anthology of rare short films shot during Jean-Luc Godard’s various travels in America.

The Believer Book Award
by the Editors

Polish Movie Posters: One of the Great Secrets of Twentieth-Century Pop Art
by Michael Atkinson

Things Left Unsaid: Figuring Out What to Do With All the King’s Horses
by Alex Kitnick

Real Life Rock Top Ten
by Greil Marcus

The Varieties of Cinematic Experience

I: On Opening Credits by David Cairns

II: On Michael Curtiz by B. Kite

III: On Double Features by Andrea Janes and R. Emmet Sweeney

IV: On Sleeping Through Movies (1) by Jessica Winter

V: On Sleeping Through Movies (2) by Shelley Salamensky

by Patton Oswalt

My Grandfather Says: A new poem
by Michael McGriff

Schema: Twentieth-Century Polish Film Posters
selected by Michael Atkinson

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