Cover illustration: Charles Burns!
VOL. 6, NO. 9

Classified Report from “The Secret Clubhouse”
by Morgan Meis
Building a fort can teach you about shape and form and function and interaction. And if it doesn’t, you still have a fort, which is nice.

Clerks of Passage
by Abou Farman
Why can’t civilization sit still for its passport photo?

The Paralyzed Cyclops
by Lawrence Weschler
A decades-long argument between David Hockney and Robert Irwin, artists who’ve never met, and whose core concerns are nearly identical.

A Perfunctory Affair
by Chris Cobb
A report by one of the thirteen professional artists hired to install Sol Lewitt’s last, and biggest, exhibition of his career.

Dyveke Sanne
interviewed by Miranda F. Mellis
The artist built a prismatic, fiber-optically glowing facade on the entrance to the Global Seed Vault on a remote Norwegian island.

Frank Stella
interviewed by Sheila Heti
A conversation with a major American artist at 11 in the morning at the Toronto fitness center where his work was being shown.

Lynda Barry
interviewed by Hillary Chute
A career-spanning discussion with the author of sixteen brilliant books, from experimental autobiographies to Xeroxed jokes about cacti.

Robyn O’Neil
interviewed by Hillery Hugg
“Making mechanical-pencil drawings that are of this scale is completely ridiculous.”

Keith Knight
interviewed by Chris Lanier
The cartoonist for Salon, MAD, and countless syndicated dailies describes the life he continually plunders for his strips.

The Lost Twin: The Lone, Shrunken World Trade Center Tower in Oklahoma
by Jonathan Taylor

Real Life Rock Top Ten
by Greil Marcus

The True Story of the Bad Luck Painting
by Mark Swartz

This is Corporate America: The Intertwined Histories of Photography and the Office
by Britt Salvesen

by Michael Marcinkowski
ABC’s Cavemen was critically snubbed, then totally ignored. Was it too good for us?

The Kiss of Judas
by Joshua Cohen
The Caravaggio painting stolen from Odessa was a fake. Is the struggling, shady post-Soviet city itself a copy?

by Buck Henry

Tom Thomson in Space: A new poem
by Troy Jollimore

Schema: The Fictional Pharmacy
by Elizabeth Baird

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