Knight & Hale EZ-Grunt-Er Plus Deer Call



  • Mossy Oak™ Break-Up™ pattern
  • Inhale-exhale operation
  • Extend-a-Tone™ hose
  • Lanyard for hands-free use

A deer call is a plastic tube, roughly the diameter of a deer’s windpipe, that bow hunters use to imitate sounds that bucks find alluring. The whinnies of a doe in estrus, the hyperventilating bugles of a rival mate, or the bleats of a fawn in distress (indicating that its mother might be nearby) are all virtually guaranteed to lure a buck into shooting range. By sliding a plastic o-ring over a tapering reed inside the tube, you can control the pitch of the grunts, from guttural bellows at the wide lower end to shrill braying at the narrower top. The bendable Extend-a-Tone accordion hose attachment lets you add subtlety, volume, and resonance to your calls. Knight & Hale’s EZ-Grunt-Er Plus features a neck lanyard as well as the patented Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern—an overlay of branches, bark, and leaves—to ensure the deer won’t be able to spot you.

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—Caitlin Van Dusen

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