The cover depicts, clockwise from the top left,
Vladimir Mayakovsky, Suketu Mehta,
the young Karl Marx, and Mary Midgley.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 6, NO. 2

by Eula Biss
Exposing the delusions and hostility of the American fear of “bad” neighborhoods, from Laura Ingalls Wilder to Chicago’s North Side.

The Violet Notebook
by Sam Stark
Before he began to read Hegel seriously, Marx produced a ridiculous and chaotic literary experiment for his father’s birthday.

The Chaos Machine
by Charles Baxter and Daniel Baxter
What, past the conception stage, do fathers actually do? How should they behave?

A Cloud in Pants
by Michael Almereyda
More than seventy-five years after his death, Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poetry—and his life—still retain their uproariousness, influence, and tenderness.

Ryan McGinley
interviewed by Dana Spiotta
“Skateboarding is a lot like photography because skateboarding is about making something out of nothing.”

Don Hertzfeldt
interviewed by Mike Plante
Hertzfeldt doesn’t use a studio, producers, or computers for his animations, which take him years to create and are populated with stick figures.

Mary Midgley
interviewed by Sheila Heti
The formidable British moral philosopher on the ideology that comes boiling up out of books that get sold as science.

Suketu Mehta
interviewed by Karan Mahajan
The author of perhaps the greatest nonfiction book written about India reads Naipaul like a textbook.

Symbolism and Cynicism: On Being a Writer During Black History Month
by Tayari Jones
If February is Black History Month, is the rest of the calendar reserved for white people?

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

Imre Kertész’s Detective Story
reviewed by Andrew Ervin

Jasper Bernes’s Starsdown
reviewed by Stephen Burt

Samantha Hunt’s The Invention of Everything Else
reviewed by Katherine Hill

Nathaniel Mackey’s Bass Cathedral
reviewed by Travis Nichols

Yannick Murphy’s In a Bear’s Eye
reviewed by Blake Butler

Don Waters’s Desert Gothic
reviewed by Nate Cavalieri

by Andy Borowitz

Tool: Knight & Hale EZ-Grunt-Er Plus Deer Call
by Caitlin Van Dusen

Wolfspeak: a new poem
by Dean Young

Schema: There’s a Reason They’re Called Wills
by Nick Buttrick

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