The cover depicts, clockwise from the upper left,
Nancy Wilson, Fantomah (jungle-protectress from the comics
of Fletcher Hanks), Erica Jong, and Michael Ondaatje.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 5, NO. 6

The Untragic Death of Henry Gladfelter
by Robert Cohen
What makes a good name for a fictional character? An in-depth taxonomy, from Gradgrind to Wunderlick.

The Song of the Bomb in the Heart
by Victor Brand
Boris Vian produced reams of novels, plays, poems, and songs, played dazzling jazz trumpet, and never forgot to muddle his misery with his joy.

The Official Guide to Official Handbooks
by Andy Selsberg
Reinforcing the American way of dealing with class and status: telling it like it is, but with an elbow in the ribs.

Divine Justice of the Weirdo Gods
by Robert Ito
Fletcher Hanks was an alcoholic wife-beater, couldn’t draw proportional bodies, and stands beside Herriman and Segar in the comics pantheon.

Ephron, French, Jong
by Elizabeth Isadora Gold
Can a novelist move past chick lit by returning her attention to the likes of Nora Ephron and Erica Jong? And what about Jane Eyre?

Michael Ondaatje
interviewed by Tom Barbash
The poet/novelist discusses a few of his several thousand sources of inspiration, and how he cannot write in front of his friends.

Nancy Wilson
interviewed by Maura Kelly
The lead guitarist of Heart explains the benefits of slouchy body language, wearing your guitar low, and styling your hair with shaving cream.

David Simon
interviewed by Nick Hornby
The co-creator of the greatest television show since Abigail’s Party describes the pleasures of violating the conventions of episodic television.

by Todd Barry

The Wedding Present
by John Sellers

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

Dumitru Tsepeneag’s Vain Art of the Fugue
reviewed by Adam Novy

Nicole Brossard’s Notebook of Roses and Civilization
reviewed by Kate Zambreno

Joshua Cohen’s Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto
reviewed by Kevin Dole 2

Geoffrey G. O’Brien’s Green and Gray
reviewed by Samuel Amadon

Matthew Sharpe’s Jamestown
reviewed by Alec Michod

The War Next Door: a new poem
by James Tate

Schema: Hit Parade
by Ben Greenman