The cover depicts, from left to right across the gentleman’s arm,
L’Inconnue de la Seine, Olive Oatman, Miranda July, and Laylah Ali.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 3, NO. 10

My Art World Is Bigger Than Your Art World
by Caitlin Jones
Art on the internet—as well as art made out of old hacked Nintendo cartridges—is disrupting the established hierarchy of the art world.

Let Us Now Gaze, Famous Men
by Paul Collins
Unearthing books about the plaster death masks of great historical figures—and several good titles about the exploits of disinterred corpses.

Our Weird Uncle Eakins
by John Glassie
The greatest nineteenth-century American painter was also the milk-guzzling, sexually ambiguous uncle of today’s media-saturated culture.

Kuala l’Impure
by Dennis Lim
Amir Muhammad’s outraged and absurdist film-essays are at the vanguard of a new wave in Malaysian cinema.

A Blank Human Canvas
by Margot Mifflin
Tattoo imagery has a rich tradition in American fiction, from Melville’s kindly cannibal to Shelley Jackson’s story printed on 2,095 bodies.

Jockum Nordstrom
in conversation with Miranda July
The two artists, one of them Swedish, draw deep inspiration from a group of older, female American tourists they call “the Tribe.”

Matthew Ronay
interviewed by Brandon Stosuy
How to turn a stack of medium density fiberboard into “mummy hands zapping the trees beacuse they’re trying to get rid of the oxygen.”

Laylah Ali
interviewed by Tisa Bryant
After making rage-fueled drawings of weakling superheroes in America, Ali is currently painting imaginary portraits in Australia.

by Various
Glued to the first page of this month’s magazine is the debut issue of Wholphin, a quarterly DVD magazine published by McSweeney’s. It features films by Spike Jonze, David O. Russell, Miranda July, and Miguel Arteta, as well as appearances by David Byrne, Patton Oswalt, and many others.

by Michael Atkinson

Eleven Artists from Everywhere
by Eric Fischl
Eric Fischl, presenting his favorite young artists, displays both the usefulness and the importance of photography in contemporary art.

Enormous, Fleshy Piñatas
by Robert Ito

“In the Beginning, Once Upon a Time, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...”
by John Barth
Should you do it ab ovo or in media res, or just invoke the muse? Strategies and historical precedents for beginners.

by Amy Sedaris

La Zona Fantasma
by Javier Marías

Four-Color Comics: Baby Poop’n’Tell
by Michael Kupperman

Schema: A Guide to Death (and Life) Masks
by Brian McMullen and Steven Leckart