A review of

The Krzyzewskiville Tales

by Aaron Dinin

Central question: Does sleeping in the rain make you a better basketball fan?
Format: 296 pp., cloth; Size: 6” x 9”; Price: $21.95; Publisher: Duke University Press; Book designer: Rebecca Gimenez; Typeface: Adobe Jenson; Basic pronunciation of Krzyzewski: SHOE-chef-skee; Interstate rival with mascot that also resides beneath the earth’s surface: Wake Forest Demon Deacons; Definitions of tent and other tent-related phrases in glossary: twelve; Author’s claim to fame: Line Monitor; Representative sentence: “The fact that I’m not a fan of waiting in line for large chunks of my life has no bearing on my dedication to Duke Basketball.”

Although the title may serve the purpose, Aaron Dinin’s The Krzyzewskiville Tales should sport a warning urging misguided Tarheel supporters to stay away. Echoing ESPNU’s “Never Graduate” slogan, and steeped in the unrelenting devotion only college students can display for their school’s team, twenty-two-year-old Dinin’s debut embraces two traditions: the storytelling of The Canterbury Tales and Duke University’s annual “tenting” ritual. For an explanation of the latter, here’s a quote from the barely ironic twenty-page glossary, “Crazie Talk”:

Tenting adj [tent n as in sense IC + -ing suff as in AHD 4 sense 2] describing a process involving the participation in Krzyzewskiville in order to be admitted into Cameron for basketball games. 2003, March 24, Chronicle: “A six- or seven-week long tenting season might have been a little too long this year.”

(For the uninitiated: K-ville is a “town” of tents outside Cameron Indoor Stadium populated by hard-core Blue Devil fans during the basketball season.)

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—Chad W. Post

Chad W. Post is the Associate Director for Dalkey Archive Press, a nonprofit publisher located at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

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