The cover depicts, counterclockwise from the top right,
Mario Van Peebles, Marjorie Grene,
a Wonder Woman action figure, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 3, NO. 2

by Tom Bissell
Stripping the guilt from the guiltily pleasurable literary thriller.

Abu Ghraib: A Global Family Portrait
by Jana Prikryl
In the prison abuse scandal in Iraq, the metaphor for the violence of photography has found its skin.

If All Parents Are Bad Parents, What Can We Children Learn from the Children of the Revolution?
by Gregory Gipson
Four new books reveal the radical’s perspective on revolutionary violence.

Mego Crazy
by Tom Bligh
A dispatch from MegoCon 2004, the deadly-serious convention for the greatest action-figure company ever.

Mario Van Peebles
interviewed by Amy Güth
A baadassss director explains why you can stop holding your breath for New Jack City 2.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
interviewed by Eric Spitznagel
The deceased Sherlock Holmes author reveals the truth about mummies, Bigfoot, and minuscule laptops from the afterlife.

Benjamin Weissman
interviewed by Rachel Kushner
Are you strangely consumed by Hitler’s athletic prowess or children with giant ears and veiny torsos? Weissman is here to help.

Marjorie Grene
interviewed by Benjamin Cohen
The great-grandmother of philosophy answers our stupid questions about Sartre, hermits, and the cogito.

Alexander Payne
interviewed by Kate Donnelly
The writer/director of Sideways may or may not be planning to run for public office, and we may or may not have all the details inside.

The First Annual Believer Book Award

Personal Ads for Poets: A Free Service

Eric Chevillard’s Palafox
reviewed by Darren Reidy

René Steinke’s Holy Skirts
reviewed by Heather Birrell

Curtis White’s The Idea of Home
reviewed by Dan Johnson

Christopher Nealon’s The Joyous Age
reviewed by Stephen Burt

Nick Mamatas’s Move Under Ground
reviewed by Kevin Dole 2

Motel: The Moose River Lodge and Motel
by Amanda Eyre Ward

Bird: The Auk, Great and Little
by Anne Landsman

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

La Zona Fantasma
by Javier Marías

An Excitement of Windows: a new poem
by Dean Young

Schema: The Secret Life of Titles
by Mac Barnett

Four-Color Comics: “Sherlock Holmes Versus Jungle Boy, Part 47”
by Michael Kupperman