by Meghan Daum


To get within ten feet of L____ is to experience the electrifying tension between the personal and the political. Equal parts gossipmonger and standard-issue drone, L____ breathes new life into middle management… anyone who ever wondered why the axiom “Thank God It’s Friday” maintains such resonance should look no further than L____’s cubicle, which blends family drama (cute kid photos), historic political commentary (“It’s the Economy, Stupid” bumper sticker) and classic twentieth-century recreational iconography (slinky) into a veritable smorgasbord for the corporate senses… truly one to keep an eye on.

—Mary F., accounting department

K____ has been planning her wedding for going on seventeen months, but for those who have the pleasure of sharing her workstation, the drama never ends. Borrowing from the traditions of both Jane Austen and Cosmo’s “10 Hottest Honeymoon Love Moves,” K____ puts in a solid eight hours every day without lapsing into the cliché of her actual job responsibilities. A must-have for anyone who ever got married, knew someone who got married, or might get married in the future.

—Pauline N., next cubicle on the left

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Meghan Daum is the author of the essay collection My Misspent Youth and the novel The Quality of Life Report. She lives in Los Angeles.

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