The cover depicts, clockwise from the upper right,
Eddie Vedder, James Joyce, David Byrne,
Ani DiFranco, Elliott Smith, Dory Previn, Q-Tip.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 2, NO. 6

Levitation Methods
by Matthew Derby
Notes on the Believer compilation CD, along with a perforated, annotated track listing.

Build Me an L.A. Woman
by Howard Hampton
Aesthetically rehabilitating Dory Previn, the quaintly quintessential skeleton in the closet of L.A. pop.

The Song Was You
by Guy Maddin
A meditation on the effects of music’s hidden operations on film and memory.

Welcome to the Monkey House
by David Suisman
The first celebrity trial of the twentieth century involved sexual harassment and Knocko the monkey; it cost Enrico Caruso $10.

XO Elliott
by Gina Gionfriddo
The open dishonesty of Elliott Smith’s music gives it its agonizing poignancy. A fan remembers the man whose songs stood by her.

by Jim Ruland
Portrait of the reader as a divorced handyman: reading Ulysses a chapter a week in the pubs of L.A.

A Parkersburg Vocabulary
by David Berman

interviewed by Touré
A Tribe Called Quest might get back together, despite the unavoidable little beefs that arise now and again. Also: meet Momma-Tip.

Joanna Newsom
interviewed by Judy Budnitz
The composer of haunting, sad, lovely, sort-of-scary and wonderfully peculiar music discusses her harp, innocence, folk music, and trucks.

Eddie Vedder
interviewed by Carrie Brownstein
He wonders aloud to the Sleater-Kinney guitarist: Might a rock audience also be a constituency?

Ani DiFranco
interviewed by Will Hermes
Ani DiFranco will continue to rock until we all start acting nicer to each other, at which point she may stop rocking for a short while.

Colin Meloy
interviewed by Jim Roll
The Decemberists’ frontman parlays his creative writing education into a songwriting style of unusual articulacy.

David Byrne
interviewed by Dave Eggers
The avid cyclist discusses international appeal, how to avoid elitism, and why writing words is the hardest part.

Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby
On Random Family: “American people should really read this book. That’s ‘should’ as in, You’re a bad person if you don’t.”

Four-Color Comics: “Gangway for Murder”
by Michael Kupperman

Schema: A Great Chain of Being of Bands Whose Names Start with the Word “The”
by Various