The cover depicts, clockwise from the top,
Ahmir Thompson, Shirin Neshat, Adam Phillips, and Rudolph Giuliani.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 1, NO. 5

The End of Escapism and the Beginning of Play
by Benjamin Kunkel
Adam Phillips provides a psychoanalysis more playful than pompous, but if we’re not careful, someone may lose, ahem, an “I.”

Rereading Rudy
by John Giuffo
On the road to 2008, writing a decent biography on Mayor Giuliani is both necessary and impossible.

The Mouthwash of the Past
by Mark Peranson
Transmission from a lazy, filmmaking iconoclast—Guy Maddin’s unique cinema continues to confound our mainstream sensibilities.

Does Javier Marías Have a Leg Fetish?
by Vendela Vida
This Spanish author gives Americans a reason to quit literary tourism.

The Flannel-Swaddled Insomniac
by Howard Hampton
Cat Power, Lora Logic, and Enid Coleslaw give voice to the unsung weirdo republic.

The Unproportioned Ego
by Nick Laird
Was Robert Lowell simply a “maker of period-pieces,” or did his exacting timeliness acquire a timelessness all its own?

Ahmir Thompson
interviewed by Touré
The Roots’ drummer, aka Questlove, tells us why hiphop-lovers should be thankful Jesse Jackson never made it to the White House.

Shirin Neshat
interviewed by Dorna Khazeni
The Iranian artist and filmmaker on martyrdom, revolution, Kiarostami, exile, and parking meters.

Simon Critchley
interviewed by Jill Stauffer
A jet-setting philosopher explains why the ordinary is our only bulwark against meaninglessness.

Felicia Luna Lemus
interviewed by Michelle Tea
Butch or femme? To a Los Angeles-based author of queer latina fiction, it just doesn’t matter.

Idea Share
by Various Authors

The Uninhabited United States Air Force
by Joshuah Bearman

Child: Vonn Weisenberger
by Ken Foster

Tool: Amra Eye Caps
by Mary Roach

Mammal: The Florida Manatee
by Amanda Gersh

Motel: Cliff House Inn
by Phil Busse

Light: Bioluminescence
by Jason Roberts

by Various

Blurb Libs

Schema: A Coming Of Age Reading Checklist
by Brian McMullen

The High Numbers: a new poem
by David Berman

A Business Proposal for Marsha Johnson
by Don Novello