The cover depicts, clockwise from the top left,
M. Le Comte Jan Potocki, Jamaica Kincaid, John Haskell, and Martin Short.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 1, NO. 4

Protesting All Fiction Writers!
by Tom Bissell
The Underground Literary Alliance wants to overthrow an establishment that may have already overthrown itself.

The Road to Nowhere
by Paul Collins
Following two defiantly pedestrian first-person narratives around the city toward the source of urban decay.

The Genre Artist
by Ben Marcus
John Haskell writes fiction about famous dead people (and Topsy the elephant), disregarding plot and chronology. An appreciation.

The A. S. Byatt School of ABD Literature
by Mark Swartz
The convergence of literature and scholarship: why a novel about dissertations might succeed where an actual dissertation can’t.

To Saragossa and Part Way Back: A Polish Ghost Story
by Michael Atkinson
Globetrotting socialite count Jan Potocki may have written an endless book. Now, thanks to Jerry Garcia, you can see the movie.

The Shawshank Predilection
by Mark Holcomb
The majority of prison literature offers a mix of lurid details and cheap redemption. Where have all the muckrakers gone?

Kari Stefansson, M.D.
interviewed by David Ewing Duncan
Iceland’s second-most famous person is a geneticist, a neurologist, and a scion of Viking marauders.

Jamaica Kincaid
interviewed by Robert Birnbaum
She’d rather write the bouillon cube than the broth.

Martin Short
interviewed by Daniel Handler
Opulence, butter tarts, and old-girl British politics—the bliss of simple pleasures.

Michael Ruse
interviewed by Tamler Sommers
When it comes to morality, says philosopher Michael Ruse, we’re better off reading Dostoevsky and Darwin than Hume or Rawls.

Tool: Poultry Shears
by Manuel Gonzales

Motel: The Harmony Motel for Conscientious Travellers
by Heidi Julavits

Doppelgänger Fiction: Ghostly Doubles in American Novels
by HJ & VV

Mammal: Dolphin
by Amanda Gersh

Child: Matthew
by James Kass

Light: The Sky Kind
by Wells Tower

Idea Share
by Various Authors

by Various

Blurb Libs

The Diet That Amazed Europe: a new poem
by David Berman

Schema: Representations of Incarceration
by Gideon Lewis-Kraus