The cover depicts, clockwise from the top left,
Susan Straight, Salman Rushdie, Beth Orton, and Terry Gilliam.
Cover illustrations: Charles Burns!
VOL. 1, NO. 1

Rejoice! Believe! Be Strong and Read Hard!
by Heidi Julavits
The decline of book reviewing in America, the discouragement of writerly ambition—and a few happy solutions.

The Little Nicholson Baker In My Mind
by Paul La Farge
Small mucoid ejecta, John Updike, grocery lists, the Land’s End catalogue, and trains.

The Most Pre-Protested Would-Be War in History?
by Marc Herman
Walking with the marchers in San Francisco, untangling the many voices, including that of the “mom” from “Dharma and Greg”.

Badlands and the “Innocence” of American Innocence
by Jim Shepard
What do John Wayne, Donald Rumsfeld, and a teen sociopath share in common? And how is it partly our fault?

Like Cormac McCarthy, But Funny
by Ed Park
Charles Portis wrote five novels, four of them classics, one of them True Grit. How come you’ve never heard of him?

Dickens: Greatest Animal Novelist of All Time?
by Jonathan Lethem
A new way to read Charles Dickens, involving miniature Victorian waistcoats and corsets.

Well-Dressed Men Sing Songs for Oblivion
by Matthew Derby
The spiraling hermeneutic vortex of nostalgic legwarmers: Interpol encourages us to stab ourselves in the neck.

Galen Strawson
interviewed by Tamler Sommers
Being free of free will: a controversial free-will philosopher explains why you cannot make yourself the way you are.

Susan Straight
interviewed by Vendela Vida
Why is it when a man writes about family it’s a Great Social Novel, and when a women does, it’s a Small Domestic Gem?

Terry Gilliam
in conversation with Salman Rushdie
Rushdie, film buff, goes way back with Gilliam, whose very funny laugh cannot be heard in print.

Beth Orton
interviewed by Hector de la Manzana
Somber in song, she’s a maniac in person: loud, funny, loose, completely charming, and a former breeder of frogs.

Kumar Pallana
interviewed by Eli Horowitz
The Royal Tenenbaums’ handstand man explains why the young age is a stupid age.

Idea Share
by Various Authors

Motel: The Shady Lawn Motel
by Sarah Stewart Taylor

Mammal: Star-Nosed Mole
by Amanda Gersh

Tool: Jet 708521 JWP-12DX 12½ Portable Planer
by Ben Marcus

Child: Aidan Grundy-Reiner
by Eli Horowitz

by Various

Light: High Intensity Discharge

Detail from The Tomb of the Diver
by Anne Carson

Underappreciated in 2002*: Brave Books That Might Have Escaped Your Notice

Long Caption/No Picture Funnies

Schema: Magic Realism: A Short, Loose History
by Justin Gallagher & Vendela Vida