Benjamin Weissman

Benjamin Weissman, who has written two books of short fiction, most recently Headless (Akashic), teaches at Art Center College of Design and Otis College of Art and Design. Mammoth Mountain is his mecca.

    March/April 2013: Review of Writing Gigs of Ten Years Ago’s Pornography and Professional Skiing
    Benjamin Weissman on writing gigs of ten years ago
  • January 2012: The Cabin Drawings
    A collaborative art project inspired by butt-prints and ski slopes, compiled by an expert snow-shoveler.
  • December 2004/January 2005: Slaves to the Visual
    Paintings, sculpture, and installations by ten L.A. artists you may or may not have heard of, presented in a lush, color-soaked array. Including:
    Tessa Chasteen (crappy paper, perfect boats),
    Mindy Shapero (everything has hair),
    Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn (video art that stands up to the Marx Bros.),
    Francesca Gabbiani (uncomfortably silent construction paper),
    Jennifer Pastor (research-obsessed sculpture),
    Matt Greene (666 guitar-wielding girls),
    Charles Garabedian (remarkably tender violence and gore),
    Tom Knechtel (teeny-bopper posters by Rembrandt),
    Nick Lowe (went to high school with Bosch), and
    Thaddeus Strode (metal bands, Buddhism, and ghosts).
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