Ginger Strand

Ginger Strand is the author of the books Flight, Inventing Niagara: Beauty, Power, and Lies, and Killer on the Road: Violence and the American Interstate. Her work has appeared in Harper’s, the Believer, the Iowa Review, the New England Review, This Land, and Orion, where she is a contributing editor.

  • May 2012: American Isolato
    How the creation of the United States Highway System led to the unremarked rise of a very American breed of serial killer
    October 2009: In Pursuit of the Wild Cohiba
    An American duo seeks out the ideal Cuban cigar experience while avoiding Fidelistas, the (other) Mets, and a shady cigar-selling dwarf.
    January 2008: Selling Sex in Honeymoon Heaven
    Inside the twin makeovers of Niagara Falls and the American feminine ideal.
  • February 2006: The Ecology of Empire
    Virgil’s Aeneid describes the conspicuous consumption that underwrites the Roman Empire—and our own.
  • February 2005: Why Look at Fish?
    Aquariums capture the sublime and act as agents of urban renewal—but what of the oil companies that fund them?
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