Eric Spitznagel

Eric Spitznagel writes for magazines like Playboy, Esquire, Maxim, Blender, and this one.

    September 2008: Interview with Tim and Eric
    How public-access and David Letterman informed the weirdest show ever aired.
  • May 2008: Interview with David Cross
    A double interview in which, in the spirit of doing something different, the comedian requests two interviews, one with someone who loves him, and one with someone who hates him.
  • September 2007: Follow the Fear
    Del Close was one of the most influential figures in U.S. comedy. But his real legacy can’t be found on his résumé, and may not be entirely true.
  • April 2006: Interview with Paul Giamatti
    Picking crumbs of granola from his belly, the guy from Sideways and Cinderella Man says interesting things about science fiction.
    March 2006: Interview with Harold Ramis
    Harold Ramis wrote and directed Caddyshack, the most important movie of all time.
  • October 2005: Interview with David Sedaris
    He speaks the language of the people. And of helper monkeys.
  • June/July 2005: Interview with Beck
    Beck gives us a musical education in irony-free seduction, from Gary Wilson to R. Kelly.
  • March 2005: Interview with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    The deceased Sherlock Holmes author reveals the truth about mummies, Bigfoot, and minuscule laptops from the afterlife.
  • November 2004: Interview with David O. Russell
    A reformed satirist and writer and director of I Heart Huckabees investigates consciousness, watermelon, and hypothetical advice from Hitler.
    September 2004: Interview with George Meyer
    The Simpsons’ silent architect remembers a time when hobos were hilarious and cynicism was on the way out.
  • July 2004: Child: Spencer Tweedy
    March 2004: Interview with Amy Sedaris
    The writer/actor on social outcasts, fake meat products, and a hospitality show for those with extra-long legs.
    November 2003: Interview with Tina Fey
    SNL head writer Tina Fey doesn’t mind if you get your news from “Weekend Update”; she did the same thing when she was your age.
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