Tamler Sommers

Tamler Sommers is a professor of philosophy at the University of Houston. His collection of interviews, A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind the Curtain, is out from Believer Books. He is currently writing a book about cross-cultural perspectives on moral responsibility entitled Relative Justice (Princeton University Press).

  • September 2009: Interview with Philip Zimbardo
    The man who conducted the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment considers its implications for ethics, free will, and Abu Ghraib.
  • September 2007: Interview with Frans de Waal
    Are humans the only species to have moral feelings?
    August 2005: Interview with Jonathan Haidt
    Maybe “Is Catherine Zeta-Jones hot?” and “Is gay marriage right?” are really the same question.
  • July 2003: Interview with Michael Ruse
    When it comes to morality, says philosopher Michael Ruse, we’re better off reading Dostoevsky and Darwin than Hume or Rawls.
    March 2003: Interview with Galen Strawson
    Being free of free will: a controversial free-will philosopher explains why you cannot make yourself the way you are.
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