Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland is the author of the short-story collection Big Lonesome and the host of Vermin on the Mount, an irreverent reading series in the heart of L.A.’s Chinatown.

    October 2009: Review of Matthew Simmons’s A Jello Horse
    June 2009: Review of Mary Miller’s Big World
  • February 2007: Enter the Mongolian
    Inside the Las Vegas sumo machine with Mongolia’s Lance Armstrong.
  • May 2006: Always Intense
    Team Believer repossesses Repo Man with a scavenger hunt through the netherlands of L.A.
  • December 2004/January 2005: High Desert Drifter
    A navy veteran cum punk-rock zinester searches the high desert for artists who appreciate the land, defacement, and “Frank Roid Lights.”
    June 2004: Dogsbody
    Portrait of the reader as a divorced handyman: reading Ulysses a chapter a week in the pubs of L.A.
    Online Exclusives: Dogsbody Does Dublin
    On the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday, Dogsbody leader and casual Joycean Jim Ruland is at the nineteenth International James Joyce Symposium in Dublin. Mental inebriation and drunken, tweedy weavings abound in the hallowed university halls and the less-than-hallowed pubs.
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