Brian McMullen

Brian McMullen is an editor and the senior art director at McSweeney’s. Hang Glider & Mud Mask, a book he wrote for children, has just been published.

  • March/April 2013: Schema: Toll-Free Ogres
  • December 2006/January 2007: Schema: Rube Goldberg Breakfast Machines
  • September 2006: Schema: The World Cup Metaheadbutt
  • August 2006: Schema: German Words and How I Learned Them
  • May 2006: Schema: Lighthearted Cookbook Blurbs
  • March 2006: Schema: Extra-Nomenclature in Film Credits
  • February 2006: Schema: Non-Essential Stock Photography, Vol. II
  • December 2005/January 2006: Schema: A Guide to Death (and Life) Masks
  • November 2005: Schema: Thumbnails of Other People’s Bookmarks
  • October 2005: Schema: Golems at Large!
  • September 2005: Schema: Self-Help Venn Diagrams
  • August 2005: Schema: The Dickin Medal for Animal Bravery
  • April 2005: Schema: Donor Categories
  • February 2005: Schema: Non-Essential Stock Photography
  • August 2004: Schema: The Afterlife in Movieland
  • February 2004: Schema: Toll-Free Ogres: An Indirectory
  • September 2003: Schema: Appreciating Your Own Adventure
  • August 2003: Schema: A Coming Of Age Reading Checklist
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