Mark Kamine

Mark Kamine has written for the New York Times Book Review and the Times Literary Supplement. He works on movies and recently line-produced Neil Young Trunk Show, directed by Jonathan Demme.

    February 2009: Review of S. Yizhar’s Khirbet Khizeh
    September 2007: The Late Style of Thomas McGuane
    The novelist’s language has become more direct, his terrain more realistic, and his comedy less over-the-top. Where will he go next?
  • November 2005: In Defense of Difficulty
    Laird Hunt’s The Impossibly is traditionally “difficult” literature. It’s also traditionally accessible literature. What the fuck?
  • October 2003: Survival of the Oddest
    The problems of free will, an invented God, and impossible love: Novelist Nicholas Mosley practices for catastrophe.
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