Robert Ito

Robert Ito has written for the Village Voice, Salon, and the New York Times. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Hyunu, and his son, Ezekiel.

  • June 2011: An Occasional Hobo
    Josiah Flynt Willard’s incurable “go-fever” took him from jail cells to boxcars to the tables of Ibsen and Tolstoy.
  • January 2010: Speak, Memorates
    Were the ghosts and demons described in a Japanese folklore classic real? And why is nearly everyone in the stories so very mean?
  • August 2007: Divine Justice of the Weirdo Gods
    Fletcher Hanks was an alcoholic wife-beater, couldn’t draw proportional bodies, and stands beside Herriman and Segar in the comics pantheon.
  • December 2005/January 2006: Enormous, Fleshy Piñatas
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