Stephen Elliott

Stephen Elliott is the author of seven books, including the true-crime memoir The Adderall Diaries. He is the founding editor of the Rumpus, online at

  • September 2009: My Father’s Murder
    An attempt to assemble the truth from pulp novels, old photographs, nonexistent police reports, and memories of violence.
    March 2007: The Score
    Between Theo van Gogh’s grisly murder and an ex-girlfriend’s triple-infidelity in the desert, there is a fractured life that makes sense.
  • February 2007: Interview with Anthony Swofford
    The author of the excellent Gulf War memoir Jarhead explains the massive amounts of care, politics, and sex that went into his new novel.
  • October 2006: The New New Middle East
    Following danger through Israel and Palestine in order to understand the story of conflict.
  • November 2004: Review of Heather Lewis’s Notice
  • September 2004: Small Battles in a War of Attrition
    Our president says he has made America better, richer, and safer. Never mind the lost jobs, torture scandals, and flaming fast food restaurants.
    April 2004: My Final Days with Howard Dean
    Our man on the campaign trail didn’t want to fall in love, but he did. Heartbreak ensued.
    September 2003: Looking Forward to It
    A gonzo novelist goes on tour with Howard Dean and discovers that politics is like high school for grown-ups.
    Online Exclusives: Interview with Matt Bai
    “The history of American politics is not the history of the same old government solving new crises at pivotal moments. The history of American politics is about courageous leaders figuring out how to make the government evolve.”
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