Brock Clarke

Brock Clarke is the author of five books of fiction, most recently the novels Exley and An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England. His short fiction and essays have been published widely in a number of magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. He teaches at Bowdoin College, and lives with his family in Portland, Maine.

  • July/August 2012: Dinks in a Time Warp
    A band that makes you nostalgic for the grim old days
    February 2009: Genuine Artifice
    Self-consciousness and contrivance in Muriel Spark’s work is part of the story, but it’s not the whole story.
  • September 2004: Why Good Literature Makes Us Bad People
    Three debut novels agree: reading too much hurts more than it helps, and the life of the mind is no life at all.
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