Franklin Bruno

Franklin Bruno’s writing appears; so do his recordings. The most recent, respectively, are Policy Instrument (Lame House Press), and Local Currency: Solo 1992–1998 (Fayettenam Records). He lives in Jackson Heights, Queens.

    November/December 2009: Interview with Peter Blegvad
    Blegvad is an artist whose output—from newspaper comics to Marxist prog-rock—is difficult to place on the high-low continuum.
  • September 2008: Where’s Nancy?: Twenty-Four “I Wonder”s
    A new book collects Joe Brainard’s series of paintings subjecting Nancy, the Mona Lisa of postward funnies, to a wide range of abuses.
    December 2004/January 2005: In Praise of Termites
    Manny Farber’s paintings—like his film criticism—celebrate tiny details that can transform their immediate boundaries into big ideas.
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