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The films collected on the included DVD span the first seventeen of John and Faith Hubley’s twenty-two-year working relationship. Also included on the disc are vintage Hubley-directed advertisements, footage from a documentary about the making of Cockaboody, and home movies compiled by the Hubley family. This May marks John Hubley’s centennial, and many of these films will be touring the country to mark the occasion.

Adventures of An * (1956)

A semiabstract meditation on the vast differences between children and adults, with Lionel Hampton playing a Benny Carter score for its soundtrack.

Tender Game (1958)

A Central Park love story that’s as infatuated with nature as it is with its human characters. Music by the Oscar Peterson Trio and the great Ella Fitzgerald.

Date with Dizzy (1958)

An offbeat (and largely live-action) mini-mockumentary about the complicated process of soundtracking a simple animated commercial, starring Dizzy Gillespie.

Moonbird (1959)

Ghostly versions of Hubley children Mark and Ray go on a late-night hunt for the titular fowl in this Academy Award–winning short.

The Hole (1962)

An impressionistic slice-of-life narrative with perfect comic timing and a tragic twist. Voiced by Dizzy Gillespie and charactor actor George Mathews.

Urbanissimo (1966)

A rampaging two-legged city destroys everything in its path, to the tune of a swinging Benny Carter–led orchestra.

Cockaboody (1973)

Shards of improvised dialogue from Hubley children Emily and Georgia dictates the loving animation here, which finds them conjuring spirit animals and flying over the city.

The DVD was organized and edited by the Hubley family and Jacob Perlin of Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy.

Moonbird and The Hole preserved by the Academy Film Archive. Adventures of An *, Tender Game, and Urbanissimo preserved by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City with support from the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation.

Thanks to the Hubley Studio, Inc., for bonus materials and images throughout this issue. Additional thanks to Kate West, Andrew Adair, Nellie Kluz, Josef Lindner, Jeremiah Dickey, and Andrew Betzer.

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March/April 2014
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