A Pair of Interacting

A new poem

by Rebecca Bates
rebecca bates exits the train at astoria-ditmars blvd. pushes a man on the stairs—pushes a man coming up—pushes a man approaching pulling against and the stair. it is a kind of murder triumph—gravity’s ultimate. rebecca bates is an elongated—

—a thin dust occurring. the man is a hot region shearing up a stair rebecca bates shearing from the outer edges of a stair rebecca bates a hot tidal pushing shapes sheared. two bodies. the outer edges of two bodies sheared two dust tails streaming two bodies viewed side-on. rebecca bates and the man side-on crashing—burst—thin elongated streaming dust on a stair—

—an image consists of gravity bodies side-on and matter sheared and matter flung in opposites rebecca bates and the man. the matter flung out—the hot regions have begun to crash together—the remnants.

Rebecca Bates is a contributing editor at Guernica and the digital editorial assistant at Architectural Digest. Her poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming from Gulf Coast, LIT, and Wag’s Revue. She has written for the New Inquiry, NYLON, and other publications.

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