Musin’s and Thinkin’s

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with Jack Pendarvis

It’s hard to believe another year has passed. On second thought, it is easy to believe another year has passed. By some estimates, a year passes every year. But one thing is certain: another year means another exciting roundup of the top five scorching hot trends in the fast-paced world of folksiness. In ascending order:

(5) Standing around with a pitchfork. From the sullen old gent in the Grant Wood masterpiece to flashy Hollywood superstar Eddie Albert dominating the opening credits of Green Acres, standing around with a pitchfork simply screams “folksiness.” Ironically, however, the widespread use of that very image in popular culture has caused some purists to stop posing stoically with the pointy device in question. Many have tried substituting snow shovels or rakes, but no matter how perfectly still they stand, nor how blank-eyed and desolate their gaunt expressions, they come away from the experience unsatisfied. Tragically, an entire generation of aspiring folksy philosophizers has grown up without standing around holding any kind of large farm implement at all. Until now! Across our great nation, legions of city-slicker-outwitting rubes and tobacco-spitting sages are participating in terrifying “Take Back the Pitchfork” rallies, replete with secret rituals, by the light of mysterious bonfires in the dead of night. Fun!

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