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with Jack Pendarvis

Whatever happened to the lost art of visiting? Nowadays we think we’re pretty smart with our brand-name gadgets, all designed to help us communicate without ever truly coming close to one another for a neighborly hello. Whenever I hear talk of all these so-called modern advancements and suchlike, I can’t help thinking something aphoristic to myself, and, no, I don’t have any examples.

I can tell you one thing, though. When I was a boy, a visit to a neighbor meant a walk of a mile or more, usually through a perilous bog, whilst carrying a basket of mother’s special preserves. No self-respecting caller would appear at a friend’s door empty-handed!

Given the more leisurely pace of times gone by, one usually arrived at one’s neighbor’s home in the dead of night, after everyone had gone to bed. Not even then did our pioneer spirit let us admit defeat! One recalls creeping around the house, silencing a suspicious hound dog with a delicious piece of raw liver brought along for the occasion

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Jack Pendarvis has written three books.

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