January 2011

Creative Accounting

Menomena’s Animated Music Video


Music videos are not the sales machines they once were. Record companies frequently balk at spending tens of thousands of dollars on a video, so the medium has welcomed a more traditional funding source: patronage. The Medicis of this music video were the PF Flyers shoe company, which gave twelve thousand dollars to director Stefan Nadelman to produce an animated music video for Menomena’s song “Evil Bee.” PF Flyers had the right to host the video on its website, exclusively, for a month. The shoes appeared nowhere in the video.

Nadelman made this animation almost entirely by himself. He spent three months building and photographing models, roto-scoping the photographs into manipulatable elements, and animating those images.

This is an installment of Creative Accounting, an ongoing series that explains where the money goes for projects in the major creative industries. Future issues will cover publishing, television, and fine art. Very soon the series will be collected into a single, indispensable volume, published by Believer Books.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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—Christopher Benz

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