January 2011


A Monthly Advice Column

This month: guest columnist Scott Thompson

Dear Sedaratives,

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? So basically no one is happy?

Bob M.
Morton, Tex.

Dear BM,

I call you “BM” because I’m turning your name into an amusing acronym, much like the esteemed sex-advice columnist Dan Savage would do. I chose these two letters because in my part of the world “BM” means “bowel movement.” Amusing, no? I’m going to write Dan Savage’s name again so that it is more likely to turn up in his Google Alerts, making him mention it in his “Dan Savage” column, thus doubling the potential publicity for my new graphic novel, Danny Husk: The Hollow Planet. Does that answer your question?


Dear Sedaratives,

If Devo are not men but Devo, then what exactly are men? Or Devo, for that matter?

Confused student
New York, N.Y.

Dear Confused,

I remember when I was a young, confused student and I went to a Devo concert on one of their first tours. I don’t remember anything except pogo-ing to the very lyrics you are evoking and realizing that I understood what they were singing about. Unfortunately, I was too high and don’t remember what it was.


We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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Scott Thompson is a member of the famed sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. One of his most famous characters is featured in a graphic novel, Danny Husk: The Hollow Planet, released last year by IDW.

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