Brad Neely

This issue features a “micro-interview” with Brad Neely. Neely has created many consistently hilarious animation miniseries, including I Am Baby Cakes, The Professor Brothers, and China, Illinois, which have appeared on Adult Swim and at Neely is also known for Wizard People, Dear Readers, a spoken DVD commentary that reinterprets the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Currently at work on a novel involving the American Civil War, Neely used the micro-interview format as an opportunity to answer a handful of classroom-discussion questions taken from the website for Ken Burns’s documentary The Civil War.


KEN BURNS: Do your students agree or disagree with Lincoln’s idea that in a constitutional democracy no section of the nation is free to break away—that to attempt to leave is rebellion?

BRAD NEELY: I don’t really have students, Ken, but I live in Texas and we really want to be freer down here. Somebody in the past stole this land fair and square and now we want to turn it into something much sweeter. There could be floating Alamo Palaces, something else, and something else. Have you even seen our governor, Ken? He is really, really handsome. He looks like a cowboy who owns a car lot full of spaceships. He looks like his handsomeness will know what to do in a fight or in a fuck. He looks a little blurry because all the women in parallel universes are crowding his face with their asses. I think a guy like that should be allowed to diss the Union. Sometimes the squares need to be shocked into understanding a newer cool. The South sure did. And you know, I think Lincoln did what he had to. When your grandma is a sick hoarder it’s a natural urge to just torch the house and let the rats burn with the trash. But: What about the dog? The kids? The sleepers? We gotta take the time to clean out the shit, preserve what we can, and get the home livable.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

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