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This [LATINATE ADJECTIVE] allegory of [MEDIEVAL SURGICAL PROCEDURE] takes the reader on a [INFANTILE EMOTION] ride—it [TRANSITIVE VERB] you by the [BODY PART] and won’t let go until the final page is [DISCO MANEUVER]. A gripping, [HORMONE]-fueled [LARGE MOTORIZED VEHICLE] of a book! By the time you put it down, you’ll feel more [DSM-IV CLASSIFICATION] than your [ECCENTRIC FAMILY MEMBER] on [SEROTONIN-REUPTAKE INHIBITOR/DIFFERENT TYPE OF ALCOHOL]. To put it bluntly: this book [INTRANSITIVE VERB] [MEANINGFUL ADJECTIVE]; in other words, this book [AUXILIARY VERB] [PAST PARTICIPLE] [INDIRECT OBJECT] feel like a [FLIGHTLESS BIRD]. And that’s saying [AMOUNT]!

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